tES Class Slides

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Updated slides from the October 2017 course will be up shortly...


  • Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
  • Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD: Safety and Guidelines for tDCS
  • Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD: Clinical Applications of tDCS: past, present and future
  • Emiliano Santarnecchi, PhD: Basic Principles of tACS

  • Tuesday

  • Flavio Frohlich, PhD: Mechanisms of Transcranial Current Stimulation
  • Brad Manor, PhD: Aging, cognitive-motor function and tCS
  • Dana Brooks, PhD: Modeling and Optimization of Transcrnial Neuromodulation
  • Faranak Farzan, PhD: tCS and EEG

  • Wednesday

  • Lorella Battelli, PhD: tCS in Cognitive Neurosciences
  • Anna Wexler, PhD: DIY and Regulatory Aspects of Transcranial Stimulation
  • Veronica Chen, BS: tACS Setup and Demonstration