The TMS Core at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center offers the following equipment:

  1. Nexstim eXimia EEG and eXimia NBS system for image-guided, neuronavigated TMS with integrated 60-channel EEG system. For technical information and details, please see http://www.nexstim.com/index.php?k=1911137
  2. 8 high-frequency, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulators, including devices from Magstim, Cadwell, Medtronic and Nexstim
  3. 3 Single-pulse, Magstim 200 transcranial magnetic stimulators
  4. 1 Single-pulse, Cadwell MES-10 transcranial magnetic stimulator
  5. 2 Paired-pulse magnetic stimulation (Bistim) from Magstim
  6. Multiple stimulation coils are available including various sizes of 8-shaped coils for focal stimulation and circular coils, as well as specially designed double-cone coils for deeper brain stimulation, MRI compatible coils in various sizes, and various air-cooled coils. In addition, specially designed sham coils matching the various real coils are available for suitable controls.
  7. Brainsight (Rogue Research, Inc.) image-guided frameless stereotactic system (n=4). These systems allow guidance for placement of the TMS coil on the subject's head from the subject's 3-D reconstructed brain MRI (either anatomical of functional images can be used for guidance). Position of the subject's head and the TMS coil are detected by the infrared camera and merged onto the subject's MRI. The computer displays, online, the brain target that would be primarily affected by the projection of the main vector of the induced magnetic field pulse assuming that the magnetic field flows perpendicular to the plane of the coil and the affected brain area is, in turn, perpendicular to the magnetic field (hence parallel to the coil plane). For technical details, please see http://www.rogueresearch.com/frameless/frameless.htm
  8. 2 High-density EEG system compatible with TMS. These two systems include slew-rate amplifiers and pin-and-hold circuits to allow EEG recording during TMS without artifact contamination
  9. 8 Transcranial direct current stimulators, including devices from Chattanooga, NeuroComm, Soterix, Starlab, etc.
  10. Set-ups for collection of electromyographic and autonomic measures via signal conditioners, amplifiers and data acquisition interfaces (ADInstruments and Digitimer D360, Digitimer Ltd, CED Power 1401, Cambridge Electronic Design, Cambridge, UK) attached to appropriate preamplifiers and transducers
  11. 2 Eye trackers (5000 Applied Science Laboratory), including remote, MRI compatible system
  12. Motion tracking device (FASTRAK, Polhemus).