Davide Momi

Davide Momi
Research Student Intern

Education History:
Ph.D. Candidate, Business and Bevhavioral Sciences, University of Chieti, Italy
M.S., Neurosciences and Neuro-Psychological Rehabilitation, University of Bologna, Italy
B.S., Psychological Sciences and Techniques, University of Perugia, Italy

Research Interests:
Davide is currently pursuing a PhD in Business and Behavioral Sciences at the Institute for Advanced Biomedical Technologies (University of Chieti). Davide’s research interests focus on integrating multimodal neuroimaging techniques with electrophysiological measures in order to optimize noninvasive brain stimulation intervention.

Davide has experience in the following: neuroimaging (e.g. DTI, fMRI, ASL) analysis, TMS applications, machine learning model building, EEG data collection and analysis, quantitative structural MRI assessment (e.g. brain morphometry, cortical thickness etc.), cognitive tasks development.

Personal Interests/Hobbies:
In his free time, Davide enjoys playing basketball, calisthenics, traveling and almost any activity outdoors.

Personal Goals:
Davide hopes to learn more about EEG source analysis reconstruction and gain further experience in advanced neuroimaging analysis models. Davide will defend his PhD on October 2020 and he plans on applying for a post-doc position in the near future.