Claire Griffin

Claire Griffin, B.A.
Neuromodulation Technician

Education History:
B.S., Psychology, Univeristy of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Claire graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2021 where she studied psychology, neuroscience, Spanish and French. In Minneapolis, she was a part of a psychiatric research lab where she worked with MRI diffusion data and was first introduced to neuromodulation, testing tDCS as a therapy for delaying or preventing relapse in alcohol use disorder. She completed her senior thesis on the neurological mechanisms of forgetting dreams during REM sleep.

Personal Interests/Hobbies:
When not at work, Claire likes to read, paint, work on her blog, spend time with friends, and go running.

Personal Goals:
Claire is excited to be working with TMS and to see the benefits that the therapy brings to patients. She hopes to work closely with mentors and the other staff here to help her decide what programs to pursue in graduate school.