Ehsan Tadyon, MD

Ehsan Tadayon, MD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Education History:
M.D., Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Tehran

Research Interests:

Ehsan's main research interest is in using quantitative multimodal neuroimaging and electrophysiological techniques to gain a deeper understanding of brain and its disorders. These techniques provide a wealth of unprecedented information that unravels underlying mechanisms of central nervous system both in healthy and diseased conditions. His aim is to use and develop methods for clinical settings and applications to help in diagnosis, treatment and follow up of patients with neurological disorders.

Clinical Interests:

Ehsan's clinical interests include brain aging, disorders of consciousness, neurocritical care, epilepsy, and deep brain stimulation.

Personal Interest/Hobbies:

In his free time, Ehsan enjoys reading books, going to plays, listening to music as well as hiking and outdoor adventures.