Sheena Baratono, MD, PhD

Sheena Baratono, MD, PHD
Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundational Fellow in the Clinical Neurosciences
Cognitive Neurology Fellow

Education History:
MD, University of Pennsylvania
PhD, Immunology, University of Pennsylvania
BS, Biology, Music, Duke University

Clinical Training:
Intern in Inteneral Medicine, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Neurology Residency, University of Pennsylvania

Clinical Interests:
Posterior Cortical Atrophy
Alzheimer's disease
Lewy Body Dementia
Brain Stimulation

Research Interests:
My research focuses on understanding how brain circuits mediate psychological and cognitive functions. I am currently working on two main projects. The first is using transcranial magnetic stimulation and EEG in analyzing predictors of altered connectivity, excitability and plasticity in patients that go on to develop delirium after surgery. The second is comparing lesions that lead to apraxia, specifically difficulties with tool use. I am starting with stroke patients to identify the network necessary for this function and then comparing it to patients with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. One of my goals is to use network mapping to identify therapeutic targets for neuromodulation.