Affiliated Lab Member

Mark Halko

Mark A Halko, PhD
Assistant Professor in Neurology

Education History:
Ph.D., Psychology (Brain, Behavior and Cognition Program), Boston University

Mark obtained his Ph.D in Psychology from Boston University, where he used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and behavioral studies to understand how the visual system is organized in healthy sighted adults. Mark joined the lab in 2008 to develop combined TMS with fMRI approaches for the study of the brain.

Mark's work at the Center largely focuses on how whole brain networks are connected and operate together. Combining fMRI with TMS, it is possible to modulate specific nodes of brain networks and observe responses across the entire brain. These responses can tell us how the brain is actively connected, what mechanisms govern the underlying network 'plasticity,' and how these mechanisms are altered in disease states. Currently, Mark is focusing on work using resting-state (doing nothing) fMRI to examine these network dynamics in healthy and neurological/psychiatric populations with a goal of developing novel treatment protocols for neurological and psychiatric illness.

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